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Many of the children in the community of Barahona, Dominican Republic cannot afford to attend school or eat regular meals. In Calvary’s Care seeks to minister Christ’s love to these children in a tangible, relational way. Each month, the families of sponsored children come to our ministry home by appointment. Our staff visits with the family, talks with them about what’s happening in their family, prays with them and for them, shares the Word with them, and then gives the family $20 worth of supplies (food staples) for each sponsored child. Our staff sends a report back to us so that sponsors can know what’s happening with their sponsored children and their families. We also send short-term teams to the DR to share the gospel several times per year.

IRS regulations prohibit transferring donations directly to individuals if the donations are to be considered tax-deductible. In order to comply with this requirement and to provide continuous benefits to sponsored children, In Calvary’s Care combines funds. This means that each child in the sponsorship program receives $20.00 per month in benefits even if their sponsor has not contributed the sponsorship for that month. This also means that In Calvary’s Care does not refund any donations that it receives so that if a sponsored child moves away or otherwise is dropped from the sponsorship program, any donations received for that child will not be refunded, but will be used for the benefit of another child in the program. We cannot accept specific donations that are only for the benefit of one child like paying for a child’s medical expenses or giving a child a birthday present.

For more information, download the sponsorship brochure, email or call 1-888-873-8827.

Ministry Leader: Kathy Blecker

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